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Oklahoma State University
Student volunteer center


What Counts as Service Hours?

One of the functions of the SVC is to oversee the recording of community service hours. In order to ensure that students are completing meaningful community service hours, we have created the following guidelines. We recognize that there may be situations where it is difficult to determine whether or not an activity meets the requirements to be classified as service, and we encourage students to email with any questions or concerns.

These regulations will apply to all service hours submissions received on or after August 28th, 2017 regardless of when the service hours were performed.

Students that have questions about where their hours fall may contact the Student Volunteer Center by email ( or by phone (405-744-5145). In the event that your hours are denied and you believe that those hours should have been approved, you may contact the Student Volunteer Center. The SVC reserves the right to approve/deny hours at the office's discretion and to change the above guidelines as needed.