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CORD program

What is CORD?

CORD stands for Creating Opportunities for Responsible Development. The CORD is our opportunity to honor you for your commitment to service! The orange CORD worn at graduation signifies an OSU student's determination to make a difference. The CORD program, sponsored by OSU’s Student Volunteer Center and the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, honors those who have completed 50 to 400 hours of service.

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Participate in the CORD Reward Program

Receive a certificate issued from the OSU Student Volunteer Center and an official Honor Badge by having 50, 100, 200, and 300 cumulative service hours approved. No need to wait until your graduation semester, you can be awarded at the end of each semester. If you have 400 cumulative hours at your graduation semester, you can apply for the exclusive OSU honor – Orange Honor CORD – to wear with your convocation gown.

How to qualify for the CORD- it's easy!

  • Serve at least 400 hours as an undergraduate, or 300 hours as a graduate student at OSU-Stillwater
  • Join OSU Student Volunteer Center and record your hours on CampusLink
  • Fill out the CORD application on the Student Volunteer Center's CampusLink page when you near graduation

Typically the application opens two months prior to the graduation and runs through the the week before dead week.

Check back in for the 2021 application!

CORD Reward Program Badge Levels